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15 + Css Background Image Property Shorthand Background Images. Shorthand properties are CSS properties that let you set the values of multiple other CSS properties simultaneously. To shorten the code, it is also possible to specify all the background properties in one single property.

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The background property in CSS allows you to control the background of any element (what The fix is easy though: just define background-color after background, or just use the shorthand (e.g Basic single-color backgrounds and single images work everywhere though, and anything that isn't. Background ~ This is CSS shorthand property that allows you to set five different background related properties at once. The number of comma-separated items defines the number of background layers.

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Either the background shading or the image must be characterized. background-image — sets an image as the background of an element and it's value will look like url CSS backgrounds are a vital part of giving your design its look and feel.

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15 + Css Background Image Property Shorthand HD WallpapersA fabulous approach to improve and streamline your CSS is to exploit the a wide range of shorthand properties accessible to you. The background property can be used to set one or more background related properties How the background image behaves, whether it scrolls along with its containing block or has a fixed position within the viewport. Please remember: when you are using a relative URI, the path will be. background-attachment: fixed; The background image will not scroll with the page, and remain positioned according to the viewport.